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Ruth Fisher is one of the leading jazz radio presenters in the UK, with over 20 years of experience both in the UK and overseas. Joining JazzFM in 2016, she currently presents Full Circle on Wednesday nights at midnight (focusing on the latest contemporary jazz releases and interviews with established and up and coming musicians. She also presents The Performance Series on Monday nights at 9pm, which features legendary artists in concert and exclusive live jazz, blues and soul acoustic sessions recorded in the JazzFM studios.

[...] thank you for your support, Ruth, and for being someone artists actually want to be with and relate to!  Not everyone has that :)"
Casey Conroy
International Operations Mack Avenue Records

An ear for the up and coming

Ruth comes from a musical family and was one of the first pupils to attend the Purcell School of Music. Ruth possesses a warm, enthusiastic and informative style and really enjoys finding out what makes the artists tick!

Over the years, she has interviewed over 200 musicians including the late Al Jarreau, Carmen Lundy, Roy Ayers, Christian McBride, Orphy Robinson, Kenny Garrett, René Marie, Arnie Lawrence, Cleveland Watkiss, Raul Midón, Tuck & Patti, Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts, Paolo Fresu, Greg Errico and many more.

She was also the first person in the UK to interview Gregory Porter in November 2010 & Jazzmeia Horn in 2017.   Ruth was the first UK journalist to cover the groundbreaking jazz festival in Sardinia called My Jazz Islands – Le mie isole jazz in June 2013.

Jewish Renaissance Magazine‘s Norm Guthartz spoke to Ruth in the summer of 2021 (available to subscribers only).



Aaron Goldberg — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Adam Ben Ezra — Jazz (Bass/Piano)

Adam Waldmann — Jazz (Saxophone)

Adrian Reid — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Aaron Diehl — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Aisling Iris — Soul/Funk (Vocalist)

Al Jarreau — Jazz (Vocalist)

Al Pryor(Mack Avenue Records VP, founder WBGO Jazz Radio Station NJ, USA)

Alex Garnett — Jazz (Saxophone)

Alex Ridout — Jazz (Trumpet)

Alfredo Rodriguez — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Alicia Olatuja — Jazz (Vocalist)

Alison Raynor — Jazz (Bass, composer)

Allan Harris — Jazz (Vocalist)

Amit Friedman — Jazz (Saxophone)

Andrew Asante — Jazz (Piano)

Andy Milne — Jazz           (Piano)

Antonello Salis  — World (Accordion/piano)

Arnie Lawrence — Jazz (Saxophone)

Asaf Harris — Jazz (Saxophone)

Asaf Sirkis — Jazz (Drums/Percussion)


Bassekou Kouyate  — World Music (Ngoni)

Ben Williams — Jazz (Bass)

Ben Wolfe — Jazz (Bass)

Benet McLean — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Benny Sharoni — Jazz (Saxophone)

Bill O’Connell — Jazz (Piano)

Billy Childs — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Bob Mintzer — Jazz (Saxophone)

Brant Tilds — Jazz (Trumpet)

Brian Byrne — Jazz (Piano/Composer)

Brian Hanlon — Soul/Funk


Camelle Hinds — Soul/Funk (vocalist)

Carmen Grillo — Jazz (Guitar)

Carmen Lundy — Jazz (Vocalist)

Cath Roberts — Jazz (Saxophone)

Catherine Russell — Jazz (Vocalist)

Cassie Kinoshi— Jazz (Saxophone)

Cecile McLorin Salvant — Jazz (Vocalist)

Cecilia Stalin — Jazz (Vocalist)

Charles Tolliver — Jazz (Trumpet)

Charles Turner — Jazz (Vocalist)

China Moses — Jazz (Vocalist)

Chip Crawford — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Chris Beck — Jazz (Drums/Percussion)

Chris Parker — Jazz (Drums/Percussion)

Christian McBride — Jazz (Bass)

Christian Sands — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Claudio Passavanti — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Cleveland Watkiss, MBE — Jazz (Vocalist)

Corcoran Holt — Jazz (Bass)

Curtis Stewart — Jazz (Violin)


Dajla — Soul/Funk (Vocalist)

Daley — Soul/Funk (Vocalist)

DaPaul — Soul/Funk (Vocalist)

Darius Brubeck — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Darryl Yokley — Jazz (Saxophone)

Dave Stryker — Jazz (Guitar)

David Mensah — Soul/Funk (Vocalist)

Dee Byrne — Jazz (Saxophone)

Dee Dee Bridgewater — Jazz (Vocalist)

Deelee Dube — Jazz (Vocalist)

Deen Tyner  — Jazz 

Dennis Rollins — Jazz (Saxophone)

Denys Baptiste — Jazz (Saxophone)

Derek Nash — Jazz (Saxophone)

Diego Rivera — Jazz (Saxophone)

Donald Brown — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Dr Jeremy Fox — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Duane Eubanks — Jazz (Trumpet)


Elan Mehler — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Eli Degibri — Jazz (Saxophone) 

Emily Braden — Jazz (Vocalist) 

Emily Saunders — Jazz (Vocalist)

Emma Rawicz — Jazz (Saxophone)

Erik Rico — Soul/Funk 

Eric Wyatt — Jazz (Saxophone)

Erik Lawrence — Jazz (Saxophone)

Estelle Kokot — Jazz (Vocalist)

Etienne Charles — Jazz (Trumpet)


Fergus Quill— Jazz (Bassist, composer, bandleader)

Filomena Campus — Jazz (Vocalist)

Florian Pellissier — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Francesco de Rubeis — Jazz (Drums/Percussion)

Frank Felix — Soul/Funk (Bass)

Fred Hersch — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Funk’n’stein — Soul/Funk (Band)


Gabriela Martina — Jazz (Vocalist)

Gadi Stern — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Gary Bartz — Jazz (Saxophone)

Gary Crosby — Jazz (Bass)

Gary Poole & Soul Talk — Soul/Funk (Vocalist)

Geila Zilkha — Jazz (Vocalist)

Georgia Mancio — Jazz (Vocalist)

Gerald Cannon — Jazz (Bass)

Gerald Short (Jazzman Records)

Gilad Hekselman — Jazz (Guitar)

Gili Yalo — World Music (Vocalist)

Giveton GelinJazz (trumpet)

Greg Boraman — Soul/Funk (Promoter)

Greg Errico — Soul/Funk ( Drummer Sly and the Family Stone)

Greg Murphy — Jazz (Pianist)

Gregory Porter — Jazz (Vocalist)


Harold Mabern — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Harold Lopez-Nussa — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Helen Sung — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Hila Kulik — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Hiromi — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)


Ian Shaw — Jazz (Vocalist)

Imogen Ryall — Jazz (Vocalist)

Immanuel Wilkins — Jazz (Saxophonist)

Itamar Borochov — Jazz (Trumpet)


Jacques Schwarz-Bart — Jazz (Saxophone)

James Morton — Jazz/Funk (Saxophone)

James Taylor Quartet — Soul/Funk ()

Jamie Davis — Jazz (Vocalist)

Janette Mason — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Jason Moran — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Jason Rebello — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Jazzmeia Horn — Jazz (Vocalist)

Jean Caze — Jazz (Saxophone)

Jean Toussaint — Jazz (Saxophone)

Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts — Jazz (Drums/Percussion)

Jeff Williams — Jazz (Drums/Percussion)

Dr Jeremy Fox — Jazz (Arranger, Conductor, Educator)

Jeremy Pelt — Jazz (Trumpet)

Jerome Harper — Jazz (Saxophone)

Jerry Martini — Soul/Funk (Sly and the Family Stone)

Jerry Roche(Jazz historian)

Jesse Fischer — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Jessica Lauren — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Jimmy Greene — Jazz (Saxophone)

Jim Ridl — Jazz (Pianist)

Jo Bickhart(Founder, Dot Time Records)

Joanna Pascale — Jazz (Vocalist)

Joe Locke — Jazz (Vibraphone)

Joe Lovano — Jazz (Saxophone)

Joey DeFrancesco — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

John Altman — Jazz (Saxophone, composer, arranger)

John Beasley — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

John Johnson — Soul/Funk (Trombone)

John Surman — Jazz (Saxophone)

Josh Kyle — Jazz (Vocalist)

Joy Rose — Soul/Funk (vocalist)

Julian Lage — Jazz (Guitarist)

Julian Siegel — Jazz (Saxophone)

Juliet Kelly — Jazz (Vocalist)

Junior Giscombe — Soul/Funk (vocalist)

Justin Swadling — Jazz (Saxophone)


Kenny Garrett — Jazz (Saxophone)

Kenny Wellington — Soul/Funk (trumpet)

Kenny Wesley — Soul/Funk (vocalist)

Kevin Hays — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Kevin Mahogany — Jazz (Vocalist)

Kurt Elling — Jazz (Vocalist)


Laura Jurd — Jazz (Trumpet)

Laura Perrudin — Jazz (Vocalist/Harp)

Laurin Talese — Jazz (Vocalist)

Laurence Hobgood — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Lauryn Dalrymple — Jazz (Vocalist)

Lenora Jaye — Soul/Funk (Vocalist)

Leon Foster Thomas — Jazz (Steel pan)

Leroy Logan MBE — Other (author)

Leslie Pintchik — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Lester Batchelor — Soul/Funk (Bass – original founder Atmosfear)

Liane Carroll — Jazz (Vocalist)

Logan Richardson — Jazz (Saxophone)

Lorin Cohen — Jazz (Bassist)

Lu Olutosin — Jazz (Vocalist)


Manuela Panizzo — Jazz (Vocalist)

Marc Bernstein — Jazz (Saxophone)

Marco Mezquida — Jazz (Pianist)

Mario Biondi — Jazz (Vocalist)

Mark Crown — Jazz (Trumpet)

Mark Edwards — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Mark McLean — Jazz (Drums/Percussion)

Mark Meadows — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Mark Sherman — Jazz (Vibraphone / multi-instrumentalist)

Mark Wade — Jazz (Bass)

Marquis Hill — Jazz (Trumpet)

Mathis Picard — Jazz (Pianist)

Mattan Klein — Jazz (Flautist)

Matt Telfer — Jazz (Saxophone)

Miho Hazama — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Mike Hobart — Jazz (Saxophone)

Miles Bould — Jazz (Drums/Percussion)

Milton Suggs — Jazz (Vocalist)

Misha Mullov-Abbado — Jazz (Bass)

Mohammed Nazam — Jazz (Guitar)


Nathan Watson — Soul/Funk (vocalist)

Nick Finzer — Jazz (Trombone)

Nicola Spigi(Promoter: My Jazz Islands Festival, Sardinia)

Nigel Hitchcock — Jazz (Saxophone)

Nigel Price — Jazz (Guitar)

Niji Adeleye — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Nina Ferro — Jazz (Vocalist)

Noah Haidu — Jazz (Piano)

Nuradeen Tyner — Jazz (son of McCoy Tyner)



Olivia Trummer — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Omer Klein — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Orphy Robinson MBE — Jazz (Vibraphone)

Orrin Evans — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)


Paul Bradshaw (Jazz journalist ‘Straight No Chaser’)

Paul Jost — Jazz (Vocalist)

Paolo Fresu — Jazz (Trumpet)

Pete Levin — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Peter Edwards — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Peter Erskine — Jazz (Drums/Percussion)

Phil Robson — Jazz (Guitar)

Pinchas Zukerman — Classical (Violist)

Poogie Bell — Jazz (Drums/Percussion)

Push — Soul/Funk (Band)

Quarter 2 Africa — World Music (Band)

Ralph Peterson Jr — Jazz (drums)

Raffy Bushman — Jazz (pianist)

Raul Midón — Jazz (Vocalist)

Reginald Cyntje — Jazz (Saxophone)

René Marie — Jazz (Vocalist)

Renell Shaw — Soul/Funk

Richard Spaven — Jazz (Drums/Percussion)

Rob Mullins — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Robert Mitchell — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Roger Beaujolais — Jazz (Vibraphone)

Roger Glenn — Jazz (Vibraphone/multi-instrumentalist)

Rogiers — Soul/Funk (Vocalist)

Ron Magril — Jazz (Guitar)

Ronen Gilad — Jazz (Saxophone)

Rotem Sivan — Jazz (Guitar)

Rowland Sutherland — Jazz (Flute)

Roy Ayers — Jazz (Vibraphone)

Roy Mor — Jazz (Piano)

Ryan Cohan — Jazz (Piano)

Ryan Daniels and Gavin Cheung — Soul/Funk (Urban Deep)


Sachal Vasandani — Jazz (Vocalist)

Savanna — Soul/Funk (Nu Savanna – Band)

Scotty Barnhart — Jazz (Trumpet)

Sean Corby — Jazz (Trumpet)

Sean Jones — Jazz (Trumpet)

Lord Sebastian Coe (President of World Athletics)

Shai Maestro — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Shalosh — Jazz (band)

Simon Cooke(Ronnie Scott’s Managing Director)

Simon Lasky — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Sinne Eeg — Jazz (Vocalist)

Sofia Rei — Jazz (Vocalist)

Somi — Jazz (Vocalist)

Soul Immigrants — Soul/Funk (Band)

Sounds of A&R — Jazz (Vocalist and trumpet)

Steel Pan Fusion — Jazz (Band)

Steve Lodder — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Steve Salvari — Soul/Funk

Steve Slagle — Jazz (Saxophone)

Steve Shapiro — Jazz (Vibraphonist/composer/producer)

Steve Smith — Jazz (Drums/Percussion)

Steve Williamson — Jazz (Saxophone)

Sultan Stevenson — Jazz (Piano)


Tal Cohen — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Tal Gamlieli — Jazz (Bass)

Teena Marie — Soul/Funk (Vocalist)

The Fantastics — Soul/Funk (band)

Theo Croker — Jazz (Trumpet)

Theo Hill — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Tim Garland — Jazz (Saxophone)

Tim Marshall  (Journalist and author)

Timo Lassy — Jazz (Saxophone)

Tom Guarna — Jazz (Guitar)

Tom Harrison — Jazz (Saxophone)

Tom O’Grady — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Tommy Smith OBE — Jazz (Saxophone)

Tony Hightower — Jazz (Vocalist)

Tony Kofi — Jazz (Saxophone)

Trevor Watkis — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)

Trichotomy — Jazz (Band)

Trish Andrews — Soul/Funk (Vocalist)

Tuck & Patti — Jazz (Vocalist)

Tyreek McDole — Jazz (Vocalist)



Ulysses Owens Jr — Jazz (Drums/Percussion)

Uriel Herman — Jazz (Piano)

Usonic — Soul/Funk (band)


Vernell Brown Jr — Jazz (Piano/Keyboards)


Walt Weiskopf — Jazz (Saxophone)

Walter Christopher — Soul/Funk (Vocalist)

Warren Wolf — Jazz (Vibraphone)


Xantoné Blacq — Soul/Funk (Vocalist/keyboardist)


Yaron Stavi — Jazz (Bass)

Yomi — Soul/Funk (Vocalist)

Yossi Fine — Jazz (Guitar)

Yotam Silberstein — Jazz (Guitar)


Zara McFarlane — Jazz (Vocalist)

I was exposed to many new artists and fresh music through Ruth's show. Her brilliant presenting skills and choices of music make every show such a captivating journey. Truly, a must-listen-to for every music lover".
Omri Abramov
[...] Thank you! We got into some interesting subjects. Thanks for doing your homework".
Steve Smith


Within the music industry, Full Circle has become the ‘go-to’ show for new music with musicians, promoters, distributors requesting first/exclusive play on the programme. Ruth’s interviews have garnered a reputation for being in-depth, informative yet warm and enthusiastic. Several of the music conservatoires/colleges in the UK have Full Circle as recommended essential listening for their students; top music industry organisations such as the iconic Ivors Academy requesting her to conduct interviews with the Award winners at the Ivor Novello Music Awards, The British Composers Awards and their Gold Badge Award ceremony.

Full Circle is also well respected internationally with Ruth being invited to interview artists and speak on panels at various festivals in the US, Spain, Israel, Gibraltar, the Netherlands, Turkey and Italy.

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